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Nature's insulation at its finest: stonewool and wood. The acoustic fence for your ear and eye.

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Sound absorbing stone wool, wooden cladding

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Timeless Scandinavian Design.

Transform your outdoor space with our timeless Scandinavian design. Being both modern and functional they make the perfect match for any property.

The combination of natural wood and clean lines create a striking appearance that is both beautiful and calming, providing a sense of calm to your outdoor area.

Biophilic Elegance.

Harness the natural beauty of wood to create an organic elegance that's as soothing as it is stunning. With three wood designs and colors to choose from, you can customize your fence to perfectly suit your style and space.

Plus, with the natural acoustic properties of wood combined with stonewool, you'll enjoy peace and quiet in your outdoor area like never before.

Sound absorbing fence with wooden cladding

How Noistop Wood fences block noise.

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cutout view of sound absorbing stone wool
cutout view of protective PE netting.
cutout view of wooden cladding put on top of Noistops steel frame

Sound Absorbing Stone Wool

Absorbs and diffuses sound waves, reducing the amount of noise that can pass through it. Stone wool is naturally fire resistant and has service lifetime of over 30 years.

Durable Polythene Netting

Highly durable mesh made from polyethylene. Protects the stone wool core while allowing the sound to be absorbed.

Pine Wood

Quality pine wood with chrome-free impregnation from FSC certified suppliers  to guard against moisture, rotting and insects. Available in natural or painted slats in brown.

Case studies with Noistop Wood

Åkarp, Sweden 2017
Noistop Wood Elba
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Ordrup School, Copenhagen, Denmark
Noistop Wood Ibiza
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Solid pine wood, Steel frame, ROCKWOOL sound absorbing stone wool, and PE netting on the stone wool's surface.
Surface treatment
Impregnation User Class III according to EN 335:2013
Height: 200cm, Depth: 30cm
Sound insulation
21dB according to EN1793-2(B2)
Sound absorption
11dB according to EN1793-1(A3)
PE netting (Polyethene)
Wind resistance
Maximum load 1.02 kN/m2 according to EN1794-1
Garden hose, damp cloth, high pressure.
Used for residential homes, schools, industry, roads, public spaces.

Module sizes

Noistop Wood fences can be build up using the following module sizes:

Elba Dimensions
Length (cm)
Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Weight pr. element (kg)
Elements per pallet






Choose between 2 sizes of Noistop Wood "Elba" doors:

180 x 100 x 18,2cm
200 x 100 x 18,2cm

Gates will be delivered inclusive 3 keys for the universal lock. Available in up to 3 different colours - natural, anthracite and brown.


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Application Areas

Noistop offers powerful, functional and beautiful acoustic fences that can be used to solve many different noise challenges. Noise is everywhere around us and can be challenging to deal with.

Noistop effectively dampens noise at home in our gardens, around heat pumps, at outdoor areas in restaurants, in our schools and kinder gardens, at noisy machinery in industries, in supermarkets when trucks unload their goods, at sport courts such as padel and tennis, in skater parks and traffic noise from infrastructure etc.

Offering both privacy and noise reduction, Noistop is a powerful acoustic fence for multiple noise challenges in our modern living.

Private, residential areas

Serving as a beautiful perimeter protection, Noistop fences effectively solve challenges of:

  • Protection against traffic noise

  • Noise protection from neighbours

  • Acoustic isolation of heat pump noise

  • Acoustic noise reduction around swimming pools

Houses with noise protecting fences in between

Municipality and public areas

Minimize noise with Noistop fences in public areas:

  • Noise reduction at playgrounds and skater parks

  • Noise reduction from sport facilities, such as padel courts

  • Noise protection from waste- and recycling facilities

  • Noise protection around school and kinder garden outdoor areas

A school with a wooden slat design and a noise reducing fence around the perimeter.

Commercial areas

Noise challenges in commercial areas can be effectively overcome by Noistop fences:

  • Noise protection in outdoor gastronomy areas

  • Noise reduction from aircons and ventilation systems

  • Noise isolation from petrol stations and car wash facilities

  • Noise reduction from trucks offloading goods at supermarkets

Gas station with wooden acoustic fence in the background

Industrial areas

Industrial areas are often associated with noise. Neighbours to industrial areas, or even their employees benefit from Noistop fences for:

  • Noise reduction from industrial machinery

  • Noise reduction from waste management

  • Acoustic noise isolation from pumps and ventilation systems

An industrial installation with a noise protection fence around it.

Outdoor hospitality areas

Campsites and resorts are often associated with noise challanges. Noistop fences aid in:

  • Protecting outdoor facilities against traffic noise

  • Acoustic isolation of heat pump and aircon noise

  • Noise reduction around pool areas and playgrounds

  • Perimeter acoustic isolation in campsites

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