From Noise to Peaceful living.

Turning Traffic Noise into Tranquil Living Spaces for Homeowners in Åkarp, Sweden.

Noistop fences muting a busy roadway in Åkarp, Sweden. Ensuring peaceful afternoons in everyone's yard.

Åkarp homes: Noistop fences muting the busy roadway, ensuring peaceful afternoons in everyone's yard.

Designing new homes in Akarp: Unexpected noise challenges.

In 2017, the small town of Åkarp, nestled in the South of Sweden near Malmø, welcomed a new addition: a series of freshly constructed single-family houses.

But as prospective families visited these new homes, they experienced an unexpected setback.The proximity of the houses to both a bustling main road and a motorway, just a few hundred meters away, posed a significant noise pollution challenge.

The architect’s vision of peaceful living in these 35 garden apartments was threatened by the constant hum and honk of traffic.

The task at hand was clear yet complex: design an efficient noise fence that not only shields the homes from the disruptive sounds but also complements the rural charm of Åkarp.

Noistop: Åkarp's Answer to Noise

When faced with the challenge of noise pollution in Åkarp's new neighbourhood, the architect together with the municipality turned to Noistop for a trusted partner. Known for high-quality noise solutions in projects of this scale, we were the go-to experts.

Our structured approach was fitted to the Åkarp project’s unique needs:

Assessment: Our first step was to understanding the specific noise challenges Åkarp faced. This deep dive ensured our solutions were not just effective but also contextually relevant.

Product Selection: Based on our assessment, Noistop Wood Elba emerged as the ideal solution. Made of dense stone wool and encased in a durable anodized metal frame, this product wasn't just about noise reduction. Its natural wooden design matched the architect’s vision for the new neighbourhood. Moreover, with a sound absorption of up to 11 dB and an insulation of 21 dB, Noistop Wood Elba promised—and delivered—a significant noise reduction.

Installation: In Autumn 2017. The noise-reducing fences were installed, shielding the new homes from traffic noise and ensuring every resident could enjoy the peaceful home they were promised.

Noistop fence along a bicycle path protecting a back garden from unwanted noises.

The wooden cladding on this Noistop fence fits the look and feel of the neighbourhood, while protecting from unwanted sounds.

Commitment to Quiet Homes Pays Off

Before Noistop's help, Åkarp's new neighbourhood was facing a big problem: Too much noise from nearby roads. This wasn't what the architect or the families had in mind for their new living spaces.

But with the installation of Noistop Wood Elba, that story changed dramatically. The well designed fences, with dense stone wool core, acted as a shield against annoying sounds. The durable metal frame ensured a long lasting solution, requiring no maintenance.

The result? A neighbourhood that’s quiet and peaceful, where families can enjoy life. All thanks to the right choice made by the architect and the municipality to work with Noistop.

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