Wool made from stone

It can occur naturally around volcanos. When molten lava is slung around at high speeds, it forms into small fibers.

By nature, these fibers tend to flock around in tufts that can be found hanging on the branches of trees around these volcanos. At ROCKWOOL, we have more than 80 years experience of mimicking this natural process. We use the tamed volcano principle to melt natural stones together with secondary raw materials. The lava is spun into fibers that are collected and shaped into different products. A resin is used to bind the fibers together. The resin that we use is durable and does not give off toxic gasses during a fire.

Discover the strengths of stone

We keep it cool when things get hot. ROCKWOOL stone wool can withstand temperatures up to 1000°C. It is non-flammable and doesn't produce significant toxic smoke.

Versatile shapes

Different applications require different shapes of the stone wool. The default shape that is produced on the production line is rectangular in sizes of 50 - 200 cm (length & width) and 4 - 20 cm in thickness. From these products, we can cut many different shapes like cylinders, cubes, strips or even freeform, where holes are cut or drilled into the slabs.

Stone wool production process

Raw materials are processed in a furnace where they are mixed with coal, natural gas and combustion air. The melt flows from the furnace and is applied to spinning wheels which create fibers. These fibers become cured wool which are uniformly layered into the desired thickness.

After curing and cooling the wool, it is cut to size. The cut products are visually inspected and any waste is recycled back into the spinning chamber.

The final products are stacked and packaged before being transported to storage areas.

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