School Ordrup

Reducing noise to improve learning

Neighbour disturbed by noise

In Ordrup, a suburb North of Copenhagen in Denmark, a neighbour living right next to a school and felt disturbed by the noisy environment.

The school and the neighbour were only separated by an open wooden fence in need of replacement. As the fence had no acoustic capabilities, the residential garden experienced the loud noise from the kids playing next door on a daily basis. Because of the hard surface of the fence, the loud noise was reinforced further.

Both the school and the neighbour agreed to pay for a noise fence together. The demands for this project were that the fence design should resemble the wooden fence on the remaining sides around the school both when it came to design and height. Furthermore, the fence should screen sufficiently and hide the kids from the garden view.

Wooden fence improves the noise environment

As it was a criterion that the new fence matched to old one, Noistop Wood was an obvious choice. The stylish Ibiza design matched the natural-looking, light fence surrounding the school.

Choosing Noistop Wood, with a sound absorption of 11 dB and a sound insulation of minimum 21 dB meant that the neighbour could enjoy a much more peaceful garden. Setting up the noise fence meant that both the private residents and the kids playing in their break could enjoy an improved level of privacy, as Noistop Wood also offer view protection properties and with a height of 2 meters, the fence effectively screens on both sides.

The Ordrup case is an example of the two different sides of the fence that comes together to find the best solution for both parties.

Project details

Ordrup, Copenhagen, Denmark
Project material
Noistop Wood Ibiza
Project volume
28 meter noise fence
Installation time
July 2014
In cooperation with
AL Akustik (dealer)

Hovedgaden 501, DK-2640 Hedehusene

Tel: (+45) 4656 1616

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