Good Acoustic,
Good Aesthetic

Scandinavian designed acoustic fences for a quiet and comfortable living environment.

Our specially developed Noistop acoustic fences combine effective noise reduction with a stylish and modern Scandinavian design. Working closely with our professional dealers, we aim to protect people from unwanted noise and create a quiet and comfortable living environment.

Noise Polution

In a mature, vibrant society, noise is inevitable. It can be noise from trucks, buses, cars, trains, aircraft and other means of transport. There can be noise from nearby industry, shops and entertainment venues, construction sites and other trade and business premises. They can also be noise that stems from people and activities in the community around us.

Environmental noise pollution is where ambient sound exceeds accepted comfort levels.

For some people noise becomes an unwanted intrusion, with an adverse effect on their quality of life, their health and their general wellbeing.

Over time, undesirable noise can have serious health effects – either directly or indirectly. More than 40% of Europeans are exposed to noise that affects their health. And it is time to take action to protect ourselves from noise pollution which will eventually be detrimental to our health.

Made From Stone Wool

Environmental responsibility is of vital importance to us. We comply with the award winning environmental responsibility policy laid down by the ROCKWOOL Group. The acoustic stone wool core is 100% recyclable and non-combustible. The quality of the products and a responsible environment policy are key features in the way we operate.

Acoustic Fences For Quieter Living

Noistop fences are designed to be a combination of effective noise reduction function with a simple and modern Scandinavian design style. Learn more about Noistop Wood and Noistop Steel.

Noistop Steel

Flexible, effective and durable noise reduction fences.

Noistop Wood

Beautiful Scandinavian design with good noise abatement and a long lifespan.

Get Inspired

Our Noistop products are mainly used to reduce traffic, residential, commercial and industrial noises. Discover where Noistop can help you to prevent noise pollution and enjoy a more peaceful living and working environment.

New Build · Netherlands

Municipality of Kapelle continues to choose Noistop noise fences

Between Zuidhoek 3 – the last phase of the project plan – and the railway line, a 3 m high sound barrier has been erected, on top of it is a 1.45 m high noise reduction Noistop fence. This guarantees peace and residential enjoyment for the residents.

New Build · Spain

Residential area in Benahavis Spain – Noistop fence case

High-speed traffic as a challenge

New Build · Sweden

Åkarp - Noistop fence case

Noise improvement for single-family houses

New Build · Denmark

Vejle hospital - Noistop fence case

A noise solution for a hospital

New Build · Denmark

Nordhavn tunnel - Noistop fence case

A heavier traffic can sound quieter

New Build · Denmark

School Ordrup - Noistop fence case

Noise pollution from a school

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