Residential area in Nordhavn

Removing noise around rooftop pump facilities

New district with recreational outdoor areas

Kronløbsøen is under development and is being created as a newly established and attractively located island in Indre Nordhavn, in the Kronløbsbasinet between the Sundmolen and the Århusgade quarter.

The island will be built in a six-storey building shaped like a square with six building bodies around a courtyard and is expected to be completed at the end of 2023. The building will consist of 233 homes, all with at least one balcony. The island will be car-free thanks to the four-storey deep parking garage with space for approximately 1,100 cars located below the water surface. In addition to housing, 10% of the area has been allocated for a cafe/restaurant in the building ground floor.

Roof terraces optimized with aesthetic and effective noise reduction

Most apartments on the top floor have access to their own exclusive roof terraces. At the same time, technical rooms will be established on the roofs of the buildings, which house the housing's ventilation system and the extraction system from the parking garage, among other things.

In order to shield the recreational spaces on the roof terraces against noise from the technical area, Noistop Steel noise fences are installed. The Noistop fences effectively dampen the noise from the ventilation systems by 11dB, which corresponds to more than halving the noise. At the same time, the noise fences shield against peeking into the technology area and, finished in black powder coating which is finally covered by black aluminium stretch metal, the Noistop solution ensures that the roof areas are both quiet and homogenous.

Modular solution ensures high functionality

The utility buildings made of Noistop Steel elements are constructed with the installer's custom-built doors. This ensures easy access to the facilities during servicing and maintenance. The doors are made of standard Noistop elements inserted into a steel frame and are a good example of the modularity of the Noistop solution.

Project details

Kronløbsøen, Nordhavn, Denmark
Project material
Noistop Steel RAL 9005
Project volume
850 sqm
Reduce pump noise in residential area
NCC Danmark A/S
Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter A/S – COBE A/S
In cooperation with
AL Akustik, DK. Installer: Holbæk Ny Maskinværksted
Installation time
Autumn 2022

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