Noistop® Acoustic fences

Premium acoustic fences for peaceful outdoor living

Made to resist

Our fences are built to last, withstanding harsh weather conditions, wear and tear, and constant exposure to outdoor elements.

Modular Precision

Flexible and modular design options that allow for customisation to fit any project's unique requirements.

Scandinavian Strength

Scandinavian design philosophy of minimalistic and functional design is deeply ingrained in our products.

Enjoy life uninterrupted. At Noistop, we understand what it's like to feel overwhelmed by noise pollution. That's why we create high-quality, noise-absorbing fences designed to silence any outdoor space. So you can reclaim your calm, your privacy, and your peace of mind.

Design for life.

The ultimate noise barrier.

Enjoy high-performance soundproofing against unwanted noise with our innovative designs. Unlike other fences, Noistop doesn’t just shield from noise, but effectively absorbs it.

The stone wool core diffuses incoming sound waves to an absolute minimum and leaves you with the more peaceful sounds of life.

Sound absorbing fence placed along a curved noisy road

Design your silence.

Get creative and choose from a variety of different colours and carefully selected wood types. To match your special needs and fit every project's unique requirements we developed a modular system that lets you be the boss of your own silence. 

Front view of sound absorbing fence with alternating modules of steel frame and wooden cladding

What's the Noise? In a vibrant society noise is unavoidable. Whether it's the endless traffic, buzzing industry, the local kids football finale or your neighbour’s new heat pump. The chaos of the city can take its toll. All this shouldn't come at the cost of our wellbeing. With Noistop you don’t just make a sound choice for your health, but choose life at its fullest.

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How do Noistop acoustic fences work?

Noistop acoustic fencing utilizes high-density ROCKWOOL stone wool (170-190 kg/m3) to provide superior noise absorption and create an effective noise barrier. Unlike other fences that merely reflect noise, Noistop panels control and dampen sound for a quieter environment. Choose Noistop for top-quality acoustic fencing solutions.

What noises can Noistop acoustic fences effectively block?

Noistop offers outdoor soundproof fencing designed to minimize noise from traffic, industrial machinery, and residential sources. Ideal for gardens, commercial settings, schools, outdoor hospitality, and industrial locations, Noistop provides a comprehensive solution for noise reduction.

What is the ideal height for a Noistop acoustic fence, and where should it be positioned?

The height and placement of a Noistop fence depend on the specific noise source and the distance between the source and the area needing noise reduction. For best results, position the fence near the noise source or the affected area. Fences are typically at least 1.8m tall, with increased heights needed for larger distances. Noistop provides customizable noise reduction solutions to suit your needs.

What is the lifespan of a Noistop acoustic fence, and how should it be maintained?

Noistop fences are crafted from natural, maintenance-free stone wool, and will last you 30+ years. The stone wool core is not only water, mold, and UV resistant but is also encased in a galvanized steel frame with an optional powder coating. Some Noistop products feature chrome-free impregnated pine wood cladding, which can be maintained using wood protection paint for an extended lifespan. You can trust Noistop for a long-lasting fencing solution.

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